※ Discovering paradise in Myrtle Beach apartment living is a dream come true for many

 « Allow us to guide you in effortlessly turning that dream into reality! » 

We understand the importance of finding the ideal residence with top-notch amenities to enhance your lifestyle and bring a touch of luxury to your everyday living experience. 

Veranda has it all.. over 15 amenities... and always adding more!

Your Apartment

  • Designer interiors

  • Spacious windows illuminated by sunlight

  • Walk-in pantries

  • Walk-in linen closets

  • Exquisite plantation wooden blinds & elegant ceiling fans

  • Low resistance flooring

Your Community

  • Business center

  • Car care center

  • Pet park ~A luxurious haven for pampered pooches

  • A prestigious fitness center with round-the-clock access

  • Opulent pool oasis boasting an elegant and refined aesthetic

  • Lush garden oasis with a hammock nestled among vibrant flora